Contact Us

Chillicothe Historical Society
P. O. Box 181
Chillicothe, IL 61523-0181
Phone : 309-274-9076  (If no answer, call one of the officers listed below)

Rock Island/Santa Fe Depot Museum
Corner  N. Third St. & W. Cedar St
Chillicothe, IL 61523

Hours of Operation

Both museum locations are open 1pm – 4pm every Sunday — March thru November


Office                                  Name                                      Phone Number

President                            Gary Fyke                                309-274-3236

Vice President                    Marilyn DeVoss                       309-274-5050

Secretary                            Steve Bart                                309-357-4161

Treasurer                            Gill Colwell                               309-274-3236


Director      Bob Barbier
Director      Bob DeVoss
Director      Linda Herron
Director      Michelle Warren
Director      Lowell Bennett
Director      Dianne Colwell
Director      Patty Pierson