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Both museum locations stock a great selection of history books by local authors plus unique Chillicothe gifts. Call or Email us for shipping info.


[two_third]New! Memories of Chillicothe, Illinois, by Jack Bradley[/two_third][one_third_last]$25.00[/one_third_last]
[two_third]History of Chillicothe, published by the Society……Special price![/two_third][one_third_last]$5.00[/one_third_last]
[two_third]History of Downtown Chillicothe, published by the Society[/two_third][one_third_last]$3.00[/one_third_last]
[two_third]Reflections ( historic photos )[/two_third][one_third_last]$5.00[/one_third_last]
[two_third]800 Lbs of Harmony – The Big Four Quartette, by Mary Watters[/two_third][one_third_last]$15.00[/one_third_last]
[two_third]The Big Four music CD ( from their 1950’s album) [/two_third][one_third_last]$15.00[/one_third_last]
[two_third]Charles Duryea, Automaker[/two_third][one_third_last]$9.00[/one_third_last]
[two_third]40 Years of Caring, by Dr. Fred Z. White[/two_third][one_third_last]$15.75[/one_third_last]
[two_third]Lusts of the Prairie Preachers, by Jack Bradley and Jerry Klein[/two_third][one_third_last]$10.00[/one_third_last]
[two_third]Specialty Cookbooks published by the Society[/two_third][one_third_last]$4.00[/one_third_last]
[two_third]New! Along the Riverfront by Bob Burtnett. A compilation of 25 years of unforgettable columns written for the Chillicothe Bulletin. His great interest in the old steamboats that once traveled the Illinois River, along with his love and knowledge of history, local and state, is relayed in his inimatable style. A must-read for lovers of river lore and trivia and a must-own for everyone who enjoyed his weekly columns.[/two_third][one_third_last]Volumes I & II; each is 330 pages
Each volume $20.00; the set $40.00. Shipping for set is $5.00[/one_third_last]

Santa Fe T-shirts and sweatshirts
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R. I. Depot collector plate

[two_third]Built in 1882, the Rock Island Depot stands as a glorious reminder of the heyday of railroad travel. Plate Image reproduced from an original photo from our archives[/two_third][one_third_last]$24.50[/one_third_last]


[one_half]CHS logo ball caps[/one_half][one_half_last]$10.00[/one_half_last]
[one_half]SF & RI logo hat/lapel pins[/one_half][one_half_last]$3.50[/one_half_last]
[one_half]Engineer caps[/one_half][one_half_last]$9.00[/one_half_last]
[one_half]Postcards:[/one_half][one_half_last]$0.25 small
$1.00 large[/one_half_last]
[one_half]SF & RI logo patches[/one_half][one_half_last]$1.75[/one_half_last]
[one_half]Photo greeting cards, blank inside[/one_half][one_half_last]$1.00[/one_half_last]
[one_half]Red engineer bandanas[/one_half][one_half_last]$4.00[/one_half_last]
[one_half]Large wooden train whistle[/one_half][one_half_last]$4.00, small $3.00[/one_half_last]